Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fun at the Farm

This summer I went to visit my Aunt Chris and her boy friend George. It was pretty awesome!

When we got to her house we ran right to the swing.  George's grandpa built the swing a long time ago.  

My Aunt Chris showed us this really neat path that led to a little stream. 
On the way to the stream we found a turtle in the bushes. 
My brother thought it would be a good idea to swim in it.  So we went back to get our swim suits on.  When we got there we ran straight to the stream.  The lady that owns that property came down and told us to go home because she didn't want anyone getting hurt.  But just at that moment, my Aunt Chris slipped on a rock and fell.  We had to go straight home.  We were in such a hurry that I did not have time to put my jeans over my swim bottoms.  On the way back, we all got nettles and Poison Ivy. 
That night, we had a campfire.  We roasted marshmallows and my aunt had this really cool powder that made the flames change different colors. 
The next day, we went to a farm to help with their chores.  I got to walk the horses into the stalls. 
We also got to feed them oats and their vitamins.  We had to go to the well to get the water to add to the oats, we also got to drink out of the well.   

Next, the girl at the farm asked us to help with carrying hay up to the loft.  The hay was so heavy to me and my brother.  It was so itchy up there.  We got lots of scratches because our legs kept falling between the hay bales.
Our dog Tippy was such a good dog on the trip.  We got to let him off his leash and let him roam around the area.
My brother was so in love with a dog named Molly that he did not want to go home.  Molly played a great soccer game with us.  She also did the cha-cha dance with Lou.  Harley (Aunt Chris's dog) hopped on to Molly and the three of them did the cha-cha dance in a line.  It was hilarious.  

On the way home, we stopped by Boot City to get some boots. 
That was pretty much the start my summer.